Supporting cultural activities in Southeast Turkey

Project title: Supporting access to education and the provision of learning materials for Syrians in Southeast Turkey
Internal project number: SYR 1021
Sector: Social integration and education: Pre-school harmonisation and integration
Donor: Private Donation
Implementation Partner: Mudem Mülteci Destek Derneği – Refugee Support Centre “Peace and Art Centre”
Duration: 01.05.2015 – 31.08.2017
Budget: 625,000 €
Locations: Turkey: cities of Gaziantep and Mardin governorate
Target group: 1,850 individuals
Project description: The projects provides recreational and psycho-social assistance for Syrians in Southeastern Turkey, which includes the support of a community centre in Gaziantep. The “Peace and Art Centre” offers music and art classes and also has a library open to the public. By encouraging Syrian as well as Turkish men, women and children to make use of the services provided in the centre tensions between both communities are decreased and social cohesion is strengthened. In the past, the project supported school transportation as well as the purchasing of school equipment for Syrian children in Mardin governorate also a local school for Syrian refugees was renovated.