Turkey and Syria

Emergency response for victims of the Syria crisis

Where: Kilis/Turkey; Jarablus/Syria
When: 01.06.2013 -31.12.2014
What: Distribution of 1000 NFI-Kits (Metro Kits), Tarpaulins and 100 tool kits, support of 1 provisional school in Kilis for 2 months
Targeted beneficiaries/aim: 19,000 individuals
Partner: Private donation

Humanitarian assistance to Syrian urban refugees in Turkey

Where: Sanliurfa, Mardin Governorate/Turkey; Al-Hassake Governorate/Syria
When: 01.06.2014 – 28.02.2015
What: Vulnerable war affected civilians are able to meet their urgent needs through provided food aid, War affected IDPs and the host population meet their essential needs
Targeted beneficiaries/aim: 8,500 individuals
Partner: ECHO