Humanitarian Assistance

Humanitarian Assistance


Food Security, Nutrition and Non-Food-Items in Emergencies

In Turkey, Welthungerhilfe supports vulnerable families with cash cards and Cash for Work (CfW) activities. People receive a monthly fixed amount of money on cards which they can use at dedicated markets and shops to buy food and other basic items needed for daily life. During the winter, people receive additional assistance enabling them to buy warm cloths, blankets, heaters, fuel or other heating material. People participating in CfW activities such as child care or translation services an allowance for their work. The long-term objective is to turn those activities into proper income-generating jobs. 
In Syria, where we work in the Idlib and Aleppo governorates, we support through our local partner organisations displaced people and host communities with food and cloth vouchers, free bread distributions, and bakery support. We also distribute aid packages such as hygiene, food and ready to eat (RTE) kits for immediate emergency relief.

Protection in Emergencies 

Protection is concerned with the safety, dignity and rights of people affected by disaster or armed conflict and became one of the main focuses of Welthungerhilfe project activities in the region.  Due to lack of information or knowledge about services and legal responsabilities, lack of available financial resources or valid ID documents or because of language barriers, access to governmental welfare, social and protection services is still limited for a large number of refugees. 
In Turkey, our protection activities aim to identify these vulnerable refugees. With our Case Management (CM) and Individual Protection Assistance (IPA) activities Welthungerhilfe attempt to assist vulnerable Syrian under Temporary Protection (SuTP) and Foreigners under International Protection (FuIP) through appropriate protection interventions to promote the fulfillment of their rights. We assist them amongst other things with access to education and translation services, accompaniment to official institutions, school transportation and refer them to our Turkish lawyers for individual legal support. Additionally, we provide individual psychosocial support sessions or hold group seminars on relevant topics. 
In our own community centre in Mardin, Welthungerhilfe provides individual help such as translation or legal support to also fill this gap. We support community centres run by Turkish partner organisations to strengthen social cohesion between Syrians and local communities. The centres offer psycho-social counselling, legal support, life-skill trainings, as well as other social and sports activities.

Shelter and Settlement in Emergencies 

In Syria and Turkey Welthungerhilfe also provides shelter assistance for vulnerable families who find themselves in dire living conditions due to damaged and unsafe buildings. This is an important measurement which helps providing security, personal safety and protection from the environment and adverse weather conditions and to promote resistance to ill health and disease.

Water Supply, Sanitation and Hygiene Promotion (WASH) in Emergencies

Hygiene needs are considered as one of the main priorities for displaced people. In Syria through our water, sanitation and hygiene interventions (WASH), Welthungerhilfe provides clean water and hygiene kits to affected and displaced people by the crisis. To improve life of people living, Welthungerhilfe keeps the maintenance of latrines and establishes latrines various camps in Idleb and Aleppo governorates.