Saada's Inspiring Agricultural Revival

Date: 2023-12-21

Saada and her sister live together, tackling life's challenges with determined strength. Their autonomy is sustained by their own strength and a modest plot of land near their one-room house.

© LOST,  Lebanon October 2023

For over a year, Saada had to leave her land, unable to afford the costs of farming essentials. But everything changed when the project came to her to support. She has been provided a greenhouse and seeds as support. With the help of a dedicated agricultural engineer and a knowledgeable business coach, Saada learned the valuable techniques of effective farming practices, including intercropping, and gained insights into essential business processes and marketing strategies.

With newfound hope, Saada took action. She nurtured her parsley and coriander crops, and with good guidance, she sold them at good prices. This success allowed her to reinvest and expand her efforts. Saada's hard work and the project's support gave her the means to buy lettuce seedlings.

"I had almost given up on the dream of seeing my farm green again. But when the project introduced the greenhouse, I knew our lives were about to change. With the guidance I received, from the right planting techniques to effective use of inputs, fertilizers, and pesticides, along with invaluable marketing skills, I was able to not only revive my land but also introduce new crops."

Saada's story is a testament to the power of determination and the transformative impact of the right support by Lebanese Organization for Studies and Training team in the “Improving the social and economic resilience of vulnerable host and refugee communities in Lebanon” project implemented in partnership with Welthungerhilfe (WHH) and funded by The Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development.